Arranging the pieces

Cold Smoking Cheese

I use the A-MAZE-N Products, Inc A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER 5X8

  • Use your favorite Dust from A-MAZE-N Products, I use Apple and have never had anyone not like it! I have tried the pellets, never have been able to keep them lit.
  • Keep your cheese cool (I don't go over 55F)
  • Keep your cheese moist - Too much fresh air will dry the cheese.

* Don't smoke cheese with billowing white clouds of smoke, it will be bitter.

  1. Try to get a thin wisp of cold blue colored smoke coming from your grill/smoker chimney.
  2. Smoke the cheese this way longer for stronger flavor instead of heavy bitter smoke.
  3. When you are finished smoking (I have let it smoke for 7 hours before, this depends on your desired smoke level), Wrap the cheese tightly in saran wrap and zip lock bag it to ensure no air leaks and refrigerate.
  • Wait as long as you can stand it before eating the cheese. (2 weeks minimum)

This is my procedure

Experiment with what works for you. You will need a semi sealed container such as a gas grill, any type of smoker or even a wood box (fire hazard warning… smoke houses were built of wood for centuries though). You are not going to light the grill or smoker at all.

My Temperature Controlled Cold Smoker

I use an old 4 cubic foot freezer and a dual mode computerized temperature control that controls both a heat source and the freezer compressor. One drawback to this is warm air contacting cool surfaces creates droplets of water (dew) in this case on the freezer cooling lines this water can drip on the cheese. I shield the cheese using paper towels etc. from direct contact with the drops of smoke water as they are quite strong and can be bitter. If you are smoking in 35-40 degree weather the inside of your grill will be a perfect atmosphere. No need to cool anything. In warmer temperatures bags of ice or the blue cooler ice blocks work well to keep the temperatures low.

The temperature controller

Auber TDA2 can be found here Auber Instruments Incidentally, you can use the same controller to control the fermentation temperature of beer if you want to try making beer…… I have and it works well for Smoking Cheese or Making Beer. This is not required I smoked cheese for a few years before I tried this. It does however give you very good control over temperatures, I am going to make homemade bacon in this same cold smoker.

Prepare and light the smoke tray
  • Fill the tray with dust keeping the dust below the top edge of the tray leaving some air flow holes exposed part way up the sides of the tray. Level the smoking dust and make sure it’s not above the top of the maze. It takes about 3 cups of saw dust. Slightly ramp the ends so they are not flat this makes it easier to light the dust.
  • Light one or both ends of the tray with a small torch (I use a standard propane torch like you can get at most hardware stores). Let the dust burn for a few minutes before blowing it out. You do not want flames inside your smoke chamber, only smoking dust that glows red if you blow on it.
  • The burning dust requires fresh air but too much fresh air and the cheese will dry out. I have found that turbulence inside the smoke chamber created by a common 12 volt dc computer fan is a good way to keep the dust burning. You will have to replace the fan on occasion due to it gumming up with smoke resin but that is not expensive or hard at all. The fan will also help get fresh air inside the smoke chamber if you place it near an opening either blowing out the hole or sucking air in the hole either way works.
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